Working across London and the South East, our team provides quality products and services for a range of pumping stations and associated services. From supplying, installing, and programming right through to repairs, our skills and 24-emergency call out service makes sure we are there whenever you may need us.

Our Products and Services

In our experience, maintaining and servicing your pumping station with a comprehensive service contract supported by Pump Services Ltd is key to avoiding serious issues at a later date.

Our Work

Installation & servicing of:

Our Work

  • Foul Water Pumping Station

  • Storm Water Pumping Station

  • Boosted and Cold Water Storage/chlorination

  • Pump Repair

  • Line Jetting, Tankering & CCTV

  • 24/7 - 365 Days a Year Emergency Call out

  • Telemetry Alarm

Service Contracts

We pride ourselves on our customers having choice when it comes to a service contract. Our contracts are truly bespoke with no minimum period. Our philosophy is that if your not satisfied with our service you should have the choice to go elsewhere without penalty. We will write your contract to your special requirements. We can carry out your service at a time to suit you 7 days a week, and if necessary after normal working hours. You taylor your contract, we supply.

Telemetry Alarm 24-7-365 Days a Year

Telemetry alarm 24-7-365 days a year. We supply, install and programme our gsm telemetry to monitor your pumping station 24-7-365. Any alarm messages are received by our dedicated 24-7-365 contact number. For those clients who don't wish to rely on a high level beacon or buzzer. our telemetry reports emergency's before they become a costly breakdown. Our units are programmed to alarm should a pump trip, high level, power fail or intruder alarm where applicable. So for peace of mind and a more pro-active approach to maintaining your pumping station, our answer is telemetry.

Site Surveys

Increasingly we are finding our site survey to be a very popular product. Whether you are building one house or a construction site with multiple pumping stations we can assist prior to the site being built. Our survey team will advise on everything from pump selection, location, cost etc. If you would like more information or just some friendly advice please contact us.